Our Story

Matin Bakery is the result of a unique blend of culinary expertise and international experience, founded by Romain and Candice, a couple whose individual backgrounds complement each other perfectly.


Romain's Background:

- Origin: From Paris, France.

- Experience: Brings over 18 years of expertise in chocolate and pastry.

- Career Highlights: Worked in prestigious 5-star hotels, including the renowned Le Ritz Paris. His experience in these high-end establishments has honed his skills in creating exquisite pastries and chocolates, blending traditional French techniques with modern culinary artistry.


Candice's Background:

- Origin: From Marseille, France.

- Diverse Experience: Has a background in the sports event industry, demonstrating her skills in organization and event management.

- Hospitality Experience: Worked in 5-star hotels, where she developed a keen understanding of customer service and quality experience.


Their Journey Together:

Romain and Candice met in 2017 in Geneva, a city known for its vibrant culinary scene and international flair.

In May 2023, they moved to Vancouver, inspired by the city's diverse culture and beautiful landscape.


Founding of Matin Bakery:

In Vancouver, they combined Romain's culinary expertise with Candice's experience in event management and hospitality to create Matin Bakery.

Their vision was to introduce the authentic flavors of French baking to Vancouver, creating a unique proposition that offers both exceptional products and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Matin Bakery is more than just a bakery; it's a fusion of French culinary excellence and top-notch customer service, brought to life by a couple who shares a passion for quality, authenticity, and the joy of bringing people together through food.


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